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Between November 1938 and the start of World War II in September 1939, a rescue effort known as the Kindertransport organized the evacuation of 9,354 children from Nazi Germany, Poland and Czechoslovakia to safety in Great Britain. They were sent alone, without their parents, and were forbidden from bringing anything with them except a few personal items.

Few of those items, or the items given to the children while they were in Great Britain, remain today. But we do know of at least six, on display at the Imperial War Museum in London:

Inga Pollak’s doll
Ruth Neumeyer’s drawing
Stephie Carola Leyser’s puppet
Jochewet Heidenstein’s jumper
Celia Horwitz’s exercise book
Herbert Kay’s ice skates

Stephie’s Siamese cat puppet was given to her by her favorite uncle. According to the Imperial War Museum, “It was one of the few items she was allowed to select and pack for herself before leaving Austria in 1939.”


There is a reason why so many countries were unable to offer refuge to those trapped in Hitler’s reich. What is it?

There is a reason that Great Britain arranged for the Kindertransport:
Night of Broken Glass.
On the night of November 9 and morning of November 10, 1938, the SA paramilitary and civilians attacked and destroyed Jewish-owned businesses and places of worship throughout Nazi Germany. 30,000 men arrested and sent to concentration camps. According to Kindertransport.org, the British government was “swayed to to permit an unspecified number of children under the Foreign Minister Samuel Hoare: ‘Here is a chance of mitigating to some extent the terrible suffering of their parents and their friends.’”

Rain, sun, the sounds of 7,000 shops and 1,400 synagogues sledgehammered and burned in the dark. Had 9,354 children not been given safe passage, they would have been interned in Nazi death camps.
See the night give and take shelter.


Wonder why the Imperial War Museum labeled Stephie’s puppet as a KITTEN and not a CAT. Siamese kittens are born completely white, and the dark points on their ears, tails and feet don’t fully emerge until they are older. Stephie’s kitten has the dark points of the adult, and his fur is worn down in places.

Yet kittens are vulnerable—their temperature and water regulatory systems are not yet developed; when they are very young, they are dependent on their mother’s antibodies for protection.
Imagine Stephie thinking: I will bring my kitten with me and keep her safe.


Instructions for Protecting Yourself, Method 1
from “How to Create a Bubble Shield for Psychic Protection,” written August 28, 2018, by Scarlet

1. Imagine a bubble of energy enclosing your body like an eggshell. See it form at once or slowly build.
2. Program it with an intention.
3. Keep focusing on the bubble. The more you focus on it, the more energy it gets.
4. Don’t focus only on what it looks like but also keep in your mind the programming and what you want it to do.

Note: “The smallest and not particularly dangerous astral parasites can be kept out with this shield, as they look for an easy target,” writes Scarlet. “While it’s practically useless in psychic battle and for serious deliberate attacks, it is still useful if you want something simple to keep other people’s energy from affecting you.”


PUT_CHARACTERS_HEREEEEMost of the children in the Kindertransport never saw their parents again. Stephie was lucky: “I was very attached to both my mother and father. They eventually came to the UK, but because of the circumstances,” she writes, “my father was very ill and died soon afterwards. He was only 51 years old. My mother died in 1993 of old age. I was their only child.”


According to the Tamra Maeo (Treatise on Cats), an illustrated manuscript from 19th century Thailand, Siamese cats were used to guard the ancient temples. It was also believed Siamese cats served as repositories for souls: A cat would be entombed with his departed owner, and when he made his passage through the holes in the roof of the tomb, it was said the soul was successfully reincarnated.
PUT_CHARACTERS_HEREEEEThey were not called Siamese cats then.
PUT_CHARACTERS_HEREEEEWichienmaat, moon diamond cat.
PUT_CHARACTERS_HEREEEEIf sunrise is birth, so is moonrise.


Imagine each child in the Kindertransport carrying a talisman, and imagine that talisman protected by the child it protects.

Imagine a little rabbit charm given to a little girl by her grandmother:

About to board the ship to England, Irene Schmied is holding the rabbit in her hand when she is startled by a hand on her shoulder, and the rabbit falls. She is pushed forward. “I held back and stooped to search for the little rabbit,” writes Irene. “I could not just abandon it amidst the dust, scraps of papers and cigarette ends that littered the floor. It was Lottie who saw its glimmer, scooped it up and handed it back to me, saying ‘Come on now, put away that silly little trinket. Let’s go!’ The rabbit in my hand once more, I saw how tiny it really had been all the time. I stowed it in my coat pocket, knowing that it was safe now.”


Scroll to the bottom. There are two comments on “How to Create a Bubble Shield for Psychic Protection.”

Paige, September 20, 2018 at 1:21 am: Could I make a shield for someone else?
Scarlet, September 20, 2018 at 1:24 am: Yes.



*Image of puppet © Imperial War Museums.
*Kristallnacht. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Stadtarchiv Aachen.
*Image of Cat Book manuscript, National Library of Thailand.

Pune Dracker

Pune Dracker is a writer and editor specializing in animal welfare. Her essays have appeared in SLICE, Hyperallergic, Epiphany, and Critical Read, and she is a current MA candidate in SVA’s Design Research, Writing & Criticism program.


Pune Dracker is a writer and editor specializing in animal welfare. Her essays have appeared in SLICE, Hyperallergic, Epiphany, and Critical Read, and she is a current MA candidate in SVA’s Design Research, Writing & Criticism program.