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Issue 7.3 / September 2021


Letter from the Editor

Rosanna Gargiulo

Photographs by Omid Armin

and what is this quality of duration, this resolution,
or the way resolve turns itself over


Anna Zumbahlen

“My mother was my first country, the first place I ever lived,” a poet said.
This may be our last chance, you said.

A matter of opinion

Anju Sharma

We flew our babies high, worry-free, with ample cord wrapped around the trees. We flew them in the open skies, their sequined booties glinting the Sun, stars flashing at midday.


Chad Gusler

The Maine Review’s author interview series

Radicle: The Roots of Writers

featuring Kerri Arsenault

Discover the breakthrough moments of award-winning writer Kerri Arsenault, author of MILL TOWN: RECKONING WITH WHAT REMAINS, released September 2020 and now available in paperback. With Editor Rosanna Gargiulo, Arsenault discusses the ten-year writing project that became her first book, and the love (and hate) that spurred her on.

Following the interview, read Arsenault’s first published essay, which evolved into a chapter in her book.

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Photograph by Erik Madigan Heck


sleeping bags

Cecil Choi

Child Poetica

Jefferson Navicky


Jane Zwart

on a list of games that buddha would not play, one is [that he abstains from robbery]

Stella Wong

#to a passer-by

V. B. Borjen


Isabelle Walker


Anna Zumbahlen

The apple tree

Emily Hockaday


Alejandro Lemus-Gomez


Hannah Larrabee

Pier 60

Michael Dechane


Praise Osawaru

White Gladiolas in an Unused Jar

Lisa Higgs


Why I Break Stuff

Mark Osteen

Ten Griefs, Ten Breaths

Anne-Marie Oomen

A Matter of Opinion

Anju Sharma

Texting My Dead Dad

Devon Capizzi

Recovery from Simultaneous Stroke and Cardiac Arrest

Amanda Gardner

West End Girl

Penny Jackson

Waitressing and the Cosmos

Claire Kortyna




Jack Pine

Dawn Miller


Mustapha Enesi


Chad Gusler

Growth Hacking

Julie Zuckerman

The Sea Beyond

Kevin Mc Dermott

The Universe

Julie Labuszewski


Omid Armin is a photographer and videographer based in Tehran, Iran.

“I started out as a photographer with the urge for storytelling, to give people new perspectives and ways of seeing the simple and different.”

~ Omid Armin