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Issue 9.1 / Spring 2023


Letter from the Editor

A. J. Bermudez

Issue design by Avanti Nambiar

Gretchen Legler

I may have chosen
to fold into origami, balance the ache
of the world in-between my spine.

A Poetry of Absence

Elias Udo-Ochi

I reluctantly obeyed, but only to maintain my status in the pecking order of grandchildren so I could inherit the shiny gold bangle (which later turned out to be nickel painted gold) I saw you wear on Uncle’s fourth wedding to his second wife. Because gold, you told me, is only for those who deserve the weapon of wealth.

Lake Bird Flying

Ange Yeung

An Interview with Dur e Aziz Amna

Discover the breakthrough moments of writer Dur e Aziz Amna, author of AMERICAN FEVER, published by Arcade. With interviewer Basmah Sakrani, Amna discusses her history, traversing cultures, and bilingualism in writing.

Following the interview, read Dur e Aziz Amna’s essay, “Your Tongue is Still Yours,” winner of the 2019 Bodley Head/FT Essay Prize.

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