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Past Issue


Issue 7.1 / January 2021


Letter from the Editor

Rosanna Gargiulo

Standing next to my mother in the cathedral, I feel both bemused and curious. I expected to visit churches in Central America. I didn’t expect my Hindu mom to pray in them.

Sejal H. Patel

You were still very much unripe when they harvested you from the center of her body, a seven-month-old thing.


Ernest Ogunyemi

Why not more round riveted windows 
hinged to swing outward? 

Architects, Please Try Harder

Aaron Brame



Ernest O. Ògúnyẹmí

A Girl Never Dies
A Girl Walks Through A Mirror

Ruth Joffre

Key Change

Hanna Bahedry

Shelf Space

Brendan Egan

A Matter of Being

Clinnesha Sibley

Pretty Knotte

David Sheridan



Postcard from Ursula

Kennia Lopez

O (After Hamlet)

Kristen Case

On Empire

Maia Elsner

Architects, Please Try Harder

Aaron Brame

Jazz and Life and the Other Sorts
Tim Fab-Eme

Laren Suzanne

Tilework Illustration of a Fox Among Grapevines

Jory Mickelson


Lilia Marie Ellis

Lohk Kee Kahingey

Moni Brar

balcony birds
little lie

Brendan Walsh

A Thing Not Kept

Sarah McCartt-Jackson

Suture Means Thread

Jenny Burkholder



toilet & stool
talisman and bubble

Pune Dracker

Jay Shree Krishna, Jesus Christ

Sejal H. Patel

Now, You Tell Me Something

Michael Todd Cohen

a lake is still a lake

Florina Nastase

From These Same Woods

Ryan Brod


Molly Nevins

The Ruins on Bourbon and Condé

Jen Bauduy