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Issue 8.2 / May 2022


Letter from the Co-Editor

AJ Bermudez

Issue design by Avanti Nambiar & Photography by Serhii Tyaglovsky

He fell, bleeding, at her feet. When the paramedics asked, he couldn’t tell them his name. Dan, they said, looking at his license.

Pine Street

Jason Brown

She glanced sideways into a mirror hanging on her wall and watched as one spindly leg protruded from her mouth, then two.

Brown-Eyed Recluse

Lauren D. Woods

Dear God, it’s such a long time since I saw myself in my language.
I have been asking around to know my people, to find our right hand.

I Hold God at Morning in a Prayer

Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

The Maine Review’s author interview series

Radicle: The Roots of Writers

with Morgan Talty

Discover the breakthrough moments of writer Morgan Talty, author of NIGHT OF THE LIVING REZ, forthcoming from Tin House July 5, 2022. With interviewer Basmah Sakrani, Talty discusses the root of his writing life, the inspiration for his book, and learning patience and persistence.

Photo by Tin House

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The Year of the Weight

Siamak Vossoughi

Brown-Eyed Recluse

Lauren D. Woods

The Advantages of Being a Desk

Isaac George Lauritsen

The Candy Bowl

Deni Weeks

Open House, Sunday 2-5 pm

Jyotsna Suresh




Anna M. Drzewiecki


Jonathan Focht


Erin Rose Coffin

While He Works, the Electrician Chats

Abbie Kiefer


Sheree La Puma


Adam Tavel

I Hold God at Morning in a Prayer

Chinua Ezenwa-Ohaeto

Peitá I: afterbirth

Laura Traverse

Are They Lisianthus?

Charlotte Milholland Friedman


Elizabeth Tibbetts

photo of my grandmother climbing a fence

Hannah Keziah Agustin

Quiet Corner

Joan Seliger Sidney


Introducing The Maine Review’s

Radicle Book Reviews

The Sea and More than the Sea, a review of Ruth Moore’s The Tired Apple Tree & Time’s Web, by Jefferson Navicky


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Serhii Tyaglovsky is a photographer from the city of Kyiv, Ukraine.

“I’m a mobile photographer; my main tool is a smartphone. Mobility is important to me, it is important to get the phone at any time and take pictures of what seems important or beautiful to me.”

~Serhii Tyaglovsky