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Issue 8.3 / September 2022


Letter from the Co-Editor

A. J. Bermudez

Issue design by Avanti Nambiar

Look at these metal spheres, Grandfather said, holding the objects in his hands for my siblings and me to see. These are not marbles. They will never be marbles.

Marbles, and Other Things of a Spherical Shape

Martin Piñol

we praise no god in this new land, but every mother’s kitchen

hum becomes the holiest worship.

the first national anthem

Jason B. Crawford

In the proximity of longtime friends, even mundane memories turned to sparklers—bright, sizzling, a delight to hold for a few moments.

Sea Change

Sarah Fannon

The Maine Review’s author interview series

Radicle: The Roots of Writers

with Gretchen Legler

Discover the breakthrough moments of writer Gretchen Legler, author of WOODSQUEER: CRAFTING A SUSTAINABLE RURAL LIFE, published by Trinity University Press on February 15, 2022. With interviewer Megan Vered, Legler discusses her writing, drawing, and editing processes and what it means to live a sustainable life.

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Mother Cake

Beth Cleary

Erasure: How You Were Made

Sasha Bailyn

A Matter of Taste

Chris J. Bahnsen

Circled by Sun

Tara Kramer

The Expectation

Alice McCormick

Love’s Drowning

Carolyn Roy-Bornstein

Marbles, and Other Things of a Spherical Shape

Martin Piñol


Summer of ’76

Sudha Balagopal

Sea Change

Sarah Fannon

Home Schooling

Shannon Savvas

Set the City Spinning

Janelle Blasdel

But You Didn’t

James Gyure

The Sound of Emily

Paul Ruta

The Maine Review’s

Radicle Book Reviews

A review of Victoria Chang’s Dear Memory: Letters on Writing, Silence, and Grief by Kara Zivin

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