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Issue 7.2 / May 2021


Letter from the Editor

Rosanna Gargiulo

“But what’s with the white dress?” A woman dressed in mourning black beside her retorted. Laughter.
A man behind Maria hollered, “Red, she should be wearing red.”

Lucinda’s Bouquet

Carmelinda Scian

You say I have an “oh, honey” voice when I talk to men. You ask me if I need your help opening a jar. With a knife, I show you how to release the air pressure that keeps the jar sealed.

A dirge for a sound long unheard

Neeru Nagarajan

& Lord,

the abundance of our fallen.

This Country Keeps Unearthing Grief from Me

Samuel A. Adeyemi

Introducing The Maine Review’s author interview series

Radicle: The Roots of Writers

with Hala Alyan

Discover the breakthrough moments of award-winning poet and writer Hala Alyan, author of SALT HOUSES and THE ARSONISTS’ CITY, released March 2021. With interviewer Basmah Sakrani, Alyan discusses the inspiration for her recent work and shares her first publication experience.

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Jacob Hall

Lucinda’s Bouquet

Carmelinda Scian

What Fills the Spaces

Andrea Lynn Koohi

The Anatomy of Loss

Amin Ahmad

Blessing of the Throats

Marijean Oldham

Play Pretend
An Apology, from a Daughter of Mormon Pioneers

Rachel Rueckert

Perfect for the Small Family

Áine O’Hare


The Night Watch
Jenna Heller
A dirge for a sound long unheard

Neeru Nagarajan

Broken Pool Noodle

Laci Mosier

My Name is Reaškkas

Remi Skytterstad




Nero All the Way Down
Fuck Soldiering On

Nance Van Winckel

How it Burned

Jeff Thomson

This Country Keeps Unearthing Grief from Me

Samuel A. Adeyemi

O Madonna

Martha Silano

Pastoral With Seven Kinds of No

Chloe Martinez


Rebecca Faulkner

Rue Paul Valéry

Immanuel Mifsud

Translated by Ruth Ward & Immanuel Mifsud

Lodged beside my left ventricle, a little village on a blue volcano ringed with red clay paths
What the trees see to

Mary Buchinger

On the Garden Pond, in Boston

Stephen Scott Whitaker

Dear John Ashbery

Nicole Santalucia