Spring 2019, Issue 5.1 is now available, with more great poetry, prose and art. Order a copy now!

Ian Pisarcik, “Raising the Dead”
Joy Lanzendorner, “Double Feature”
Aaron Hamburger, “Kimono Story”
Catherine Knepper, “Not That I’m an Arachnid Apologist”
Ashley Kunsa, “Gente de Caballo”
C. Gregory Thompson, “Fourths”

Beth Taylor, “What We’re Made Of”
Rebecca Young, “When Rivers Dream of Becoming”
Emily W. Blacker, “Who Here?”

Visual Art
John Hirsch, “Setting the Perimeter”

Lee Sharkey, “Man in the Mud”
Carolyn Oliver, “Lazarus Season”
Jessica Edgerton, “For to Speak of Unclosing”
Kathryne Lim, “Foundlings”
Leah Angstman, “The contents of the hearing of Man, while his wife”
Margaux Griffith, “The Art of Cursing”
Laurie Greer, “Home Spinning “
Tom Moore, “Requiem “
Maddie Woda, “Fun Things to Do in Columbus, Ohio, #5 and #20”
Kristel Rietesel-Low, “At the Beach “
Lou Heron, “Can I Call U J”
Marion Brown, “Deer Signs”
Suzanne Langlois, “Animal Logic”
Lex Runciman, “He is Two and Does Not Want Shoes”
John Paul Davis, “Clapping”
Elton Glaser, “Rough Blessings”
George Perreault, “What We Couldn’t Know”
Sam Burt, “Chiropractic: to my father”
V. C. McCabe, “In Search of a Karass”
Natalie Crick, “Birth”
J. C. Jordan, “Romulus, Romulus, Romulus”
Thom Schramm, “Adolescence”
Dov Weinman, “Extinction of the Great Auk”
John Paul Davies, “Home Leave”
Ojo Taiye, “Her House in the Niger Delta”
Michael Nelson, “Home Place”
Patricia Budd, “On the Line”