Fall 2018, Issue 4.2 is now available, with more great poetry, prose and art.  Order a copy now, or, better yet, subscribe!

Susan Heeger, “The World’s Most Outstanding Person”
Frank Soos , “Selected Events from Ancient History”
Jenny Ahlquist, “Happy Family”
Sujatha Fernandes, “One of the Family”
Mike Minchin, “The Sound of Corn”
April Vazquez, “Uncle Alfredo”
Erin Todorovac, “In the Center of Something”
Brett Willis, “Gunhammer”

Nancy Steiner, “To the Whites’ House”
Noreen Lace, “H”
Brent Fisk, “Cutting In”
Alex Ebel, “Such Good People”

Visual Art
Kate Russo, “Paintings by Women”

Mara Adamitz Scrupe, “how to use animal bones for survival”
Ally Harris, “A Condition”
David Riley, “Morning Coffee”
Marcia Hurlow, “Maestro’s Aphasia”
Gibson Fay-LeBlanc, “Unwritten”
Emily Franklin, “Grandfather Reappears”
DiTa Ondek, “What’s in the Air?”
Jacqueline Sullivan, “What Poetry Is”
Brian Phillip Whalen, “Turnip [I’ll Plant Your Ashes In The Garden I Once Tended]”, “Dear Daughter [Uncharted] “
D. M. Spitzer, “sisyphos”
Emily Hockaday, “Mathematics of Safety”
Linda Buckmaster, “Northern Run”
Robley Wilson, “In October”
Catherine Stearns, “A Simpling for Cotton Mather”
Robert Manaster, “Dawning”
Indigo Perry, “Sonata”
Nan Carey, “Monarch Sighting”
Sara Baker, “White Desire”
Timothy Berrigan, “Recipe: One Half of a Small Baby Cauliflower Head”, “Recipe: Half a Teaspoon of Caraway Seeds”