Fall 2017, Issue 4.1 is now available, with more great poetry, prose and art.  Order a copy now, or, better yet, subscribe!

Hannah Harlow, “Friend for Life”
Annie Levin, “Wailing Wall”
Gabriel Packard, “88 Cromwell Gardens”
Stephanie Feldman, “The Hermit”
Douglas Milliken, “The Savage Yard”
Shuly Xóchitl Cawood, “Several States Away”
Jackson Myhaver, “Sam Peckinpah at the Cellar Stairs”

Leslie Moore, “The Architecture of a Marriage”
Roger Topp, “I’d Rather Look at Anne in a Sweater, at Rest”

Visual Art
Lyssa Palu-Ay , “Pilgrimage to Memory”

Benjamin Gucciardi, “Spill”
Carol W. Bachofner, “Passagassawaukeag”
M. Nzadi Keita, “Vision-Witness #1. “Man Who Hears Blues: “Willie King” by Don Camp”
stephanie roberts, “Catching Sight of the Nina the Pinta and the Santa Maria”
Sarah McCartt-Jackson, “Nights”, “Animals”
Kateri Kosek, “Walking to Dollar Store”
Anthony DeGregorio, “For Robert Bly”
George Guida, “More Hummingbirds than You Can Count”
John O’Meara, “Storm “
Jeremy Gregersen, “Sistine Notebooks: The Cumaean Sibyl”
Jonathan May , “in the high Renaissance and Baroque art room”
Ann V. DeVilbiss, “Little, Red”
Albert Garcia, “What We Saw near Camden”
Sarah Doyle, “cob”
Jayne Benjulian, “Ruby-Throat”
Chera Hammons, “Bible Belt”
Bernard Bomba, “Cold Mountain #8 “
Eric Roy, “Breakfast After Nightshift”
Julia Bouwsma, “Suckerfish”, “The Story of Fire”, “Upon Opening Another Folded Day”
Terri Niccum, “Victoriana”
Erica Brumett, “Terminal Velocity”
Mark Brazaitis, “A Sure Shore”
Emily Cousins, “Oct (like gone)”
Bryn Homuth, “Pipe, Wood”
James Miller, “The Session is Now in Session”
Michael Minassian, “A Mermaid Skeleton is Found off the Gulf Coast”, “Queen of the Wasps”
Richard Foerster, “Ommatidia”
Wendy Drexler, “José Martí Cigar Factory, Havana, 2015”
Larry Watson, “Smoking Stop”
Rob O’Hare, “Careful”