Spring 2017, Issue 3.2 is now available, with more great poetry, prose and art.  Order a copy now, or, better yet, subscribe!

Lori Baker, “Monster”
Z. Z. Boone, “Snoqualmie Pass”
Nancy Ludmerer, “Small Claims”
Allen Kesten, “Window Stories”
Olga Zilberbourg, “Old Friends”
Tom Zoellner, “The Cabin”
Robert Villanueva, “Madam Margaret Reveals All”
Shannon Bowring, “Onawa”

Laura Bernstein-Machlay, “Tchotchke House”
Andrea Lani, “The World in their Hands”
Amy Amoroso, “This is How We Say Goodbye”
Visual Art
Lauren Henkin , “Second Nature”

Barbara Helfgott-Hyett, “Monarch in a Jar”
Sarah Satterlee, “Arcadia”
Shanley Wells-Rau, “Refinery Lights the Landscape”
Abby Chew, “Twin Story”
Simon Perchik, “*”
Kaz Sussman, “an edible kingdom”
Carl Boone, “Heroin”, “Observations South of Moscow”
Sidney Taiko, “Post-Op:  Still”
Owen Bullock, “the affect”
Margaret Watson, “Aloft”
Chris Haven, “Man on Ledge”
Linda Umans, “The View”
Miles Ripley, “Carving Skin”
Katherine Larson, “Aqueducts”, “Reading Biographies”
Asa Montgomery, “Like having your eyes sewn shut”
Kevin Casey, “Snake in Effigy”
Joe Costal, “The Growing”
Saquina Karla C. Guiam, “Virginity”
Mark Melnicove, “Kennebec Ablution”
Jim Daniels, “Monday Morning May”
Suzanne Roszak, “Good Works”
Deborah Cummins, “Overnight on the Interstate”
Sandy Weisman, “Fury at the Corners of my House”
Carol Poster, “Lucabrare”
Judy Brackett, “Eudora Welty Writes a Story”
Benjamin Hertwig, “Easter Sunday, Wabamun to Edmonton”, “poem for the potatoes someone left behind”