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Douglas Milliken, “Butterscotch”
Jason Porter, “Ten Stories”
Armel Dagorn, “Return to Aragón”
Karen Heuler, “That Place”
Diane D. Gillette, “A Half Dozen Reasons to Have the Dog Put Down”
Camille Baptista, “The Rabbit”
A.N. Block, “New Normal”
Jon Volkmer, “Don’t Talk to Me About Jennifer Grey”

Matthew Barrett, “More Snowy Nights”
Jan Bindas-Tenney, “Our Only Boss Is the Tide”
Kim Adrian, “Inky”
Anne Riesenberg, “Thirteen”
Laura Wainwright, “Scapula”

Visual Art
Christine Collins, “Oil/Slick”

Stuart Kestenbaum, “Hermit’s Dream,” “Decree,” “Love Lesson”
Farryl Last, “Border”
Jody Gladding, “the finest grasses,” “the tongue”
Ellen Sander, “Then”
Christos Kalli, “Ouzo”
Zebulon Huset, “Landmarks”
Terri Brown-Davidson, “Eng Addresses Chang’s Lover”
Jeffrey Thomson, “Da Vinci Drawings in the Ulster Museum,” “Sleeping Through It”
Renée Hamlin, “Queen,” “Mercy”
Margot Wizansky, “Wedding at the Retirement Village”
Cammy Thomas, “Bind Your Hair”
Alamgir Hashmi, “City, West”
Kristin Fullerton, “Saint Stephen: a history of nightmares”
Joe Wilkins, “Riverkiss,” “Election Season, or Five from the Abandoned Airplane Parts Factory off South Industrial Park”
Jennifer Givhan, “Candling the Eggs”
Afua Ansong, “The Midwife”
Kristie Letter, “A Melville Cartography”
Jackson Holbert, “Poem to My Brother”
Leonore Hildebrandt, “In the Bath”
Susie M. O’Keefe, “What I Wanted was Your Wild”
Darren Demaree, “Emily As When We Claimed to be the Landscape”